Your Guide 2 the Lake District

Fishing in the Lake District and Cumbria


Fishing in the Lake District & Cumbria

The lake District and Cumbria is a superb location for a wide variety of the different kinds of fishing, most set in beautiful, peaceful surroundings.The waters in the Lake District & Cumbria are not over fished like many southern fisheries and there is always somewhere that offers you peace and tranquility away from the crowded tourist areas

Game Fishing in the Lake District & Cumbria
Here you will find the widest variety of game fishing in the UK and for the most part it is accessible to visitors. Salmon, Sea Trout, Brown Trout, Char and Graying are found throughout the Lake District along with fishing for stocked rainbow trout - set against the backdrop of beautiful Cumbrian scenery

Most of the major lakes contain wild brown trout, while the deeper lakes have the only char in England. Hidden up in the Lake District fells are numerous, remote hill tarns full of smaller wild trout that rarely get fished. There are several rainbow trout fisheries, from heavily stocked commercial waters to pure sport fisheries which are stocked with larger fish.
Salmon and Sea Trout can still be found in most of the main Lake District rivers with day permits available for visitors to the lakes
Local Angling Associations hold many of the fishing rights in the Lake District and Cumbria many of these waters can be fished by visiting anglers on day or weekly permits which are reasonably priced.

Coarse Fishing in the Lake District & Cumbria The Lake District and Cumbria is one of the best areas in the UK for pike fishing with some prime locations containing thirty pound fish. The naturally clear waters of the Lakes are a lure anglers paradise and the area has waters that are still relatively quiet giving pike stocks opportunity to grow larger than the average UK catch.


Cumbrian carp were unheard of a few years ago, now however several waters in the Lake District contain twenty pound fish and a few have had thirty pound specimens taken!

Many of the lakes hold roach, perch, tench and bream, with roach fishing improving year on year, there are now so many Lake District waters with roach in the Lake District is hard to beat for the ledger angler

Sea Fishing in the Lake District and Cumbria
With about half of Cumbria bounded by the coast, the estuaries and coastline holding bass, mullet and flounder add a further dimension to the already wide choice for keen anglers