Burgess Roughton, Consulting Engineers

Burgess Roughton Consulting Engineers

Address: 4 Low Fellside
Town: Kendal
County: Cumbria
Postcode: LA9 4NE
Telephone: 01539 722204
Fax: 01539 733695
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Burgess Roughton is a company of structural and civil engineers based in Kendal, covering the Lake District, Cumbria and north Lancashire. Their team of professionally qualified engineers have extensive experience in all stages and sizes of projects throughout the UK. Burgess Roughton offers a comprehensive service to suit client needs and project requirements.

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Burgess Roughton's Services

Kendal-based Burgess Roughton provide a full range of civil and structural engineering services from project planning and design to implementation and operation across the UK.

The company can either oversee a project in its entirety, or cooperatively carry out specific services within an existing project.

Consulting Structural Engineers in the Lake District & Cumbria

Structural engineers Burgess Roughton of Kendal welcome all kinds of structural engineering work, from developing new structures to preserving historic buildings and will manage a project from design concept to reality on the ground. For every project appropriate design methods are chosen, based on industry leading standards.

Burgess Roughton is managed by a chartered structural engineer who has direct input into all projects which pass through the office. Specialist structural knowledge is applied in the following areas:

  • Roof Structures
  • Foundation Works
  • Retaining Walls

Modern methods of construction will be adopted where appropriate, with full adherence to current Building Regulations.

Civil Engineering in the Lake District & Cumbria

Burgess Roughton of Kendal have an excellent reputation for bridge and highway designs having designed industrial and residential highway networks and smaller scale agricultural and rural roads. The company is sensitive to the specific environmental and economic demands of every project. One area Burgess Roughton have particular expertise in is Flood Risk Assesments.

Burgess Roughton

4 Low Fellside, Kendal, LA9 4NE.  Tel: 01539 722204

Burgess Roughton Consulting Engineers Kendal

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