Our Lady & St Herbert, RC Church - Windermere

Address: Lake Road
Town: Windermere
County: Cumbria
Postcode: LA23 2EQ
Telephone: 015394 43402
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Website: Click to Visit Website
Google Map: View here

Our Lady of Windermere & St.Herbert Roman Catholic Church is open daily for private devotions and visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Parish Priest: Fr. Dorgan.

Mass Times:

Sunday 9.30 Ambleside, Mater Amabilis

Sunday 11.15 Windermere,  Sunday 5.15pm, Windermere

Monday 10 am Eucharistic Service, Windermere

Tuesday 6.00pm, Ambleside

Wednesday 9.30am, Windermere

Thursday 9.30am, Ambleside

Friday 9.30am, Windermere

Saturday 9.30am, Ambleside

Polish Mass – every Saturday 3.30 PM / Polska Msza w każdą sobote o 15.30

Fr Dorgan also serves Mater Abilis RC Church in Ambleside: www.materamabilis.co.uk

Nb. As times of church services can sometimes change at short notice, or be seasonal; we recommend contacting the church before travelling any distance.

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