Skylark Aerial Photography

Skylark Aerial Photography

Address: Ewebank High Barn

Town: Old Hutton, Kendal
County: Cumbria
Postcode: LA8 0NS
Telephone: 01539 727707
Mobile: 07548 023409
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Skylark Aerial Photography offers high definition aerial pictures and video using the latest drone technology. The aerial photography specialists covers all types of events and occasions for business or leisure, as well as making aerial inspections and surveys. Skylark Aerial Photography operates throughout the Lake District & Cumbria, North West Lancashire, North Yorkshire and the Scottish Borders. The company provides an affordable quality service and pride themselves on professionalism and client commitment.

Skylark Aerial Photography - Windermere Lake Cruises

Skylark Aerial Photography of Your Property

If you're in the process of selling your house, then contact Skylark Aerial Photography, who can provide aerial pictures or video of your property using drone technology. The aerial photography specialists can either take instructions from your agent or yourself, or can advise on where to obtain the ideal picture that shows your property at its best. As many pictures as required can be taken, which will be sent to you on a flash drive, with an indication of which images would be the most suitable for marketing the property.

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Skylark Aerial Photography's Services

There are many reasons for hiring Skylark Aerial Photography to take aerial images. It could be to capture an unusual view of your home and garden, hotel, holiday let or business. Drone photography can also be used for your special occasion, such as a family celebration, wedding, corporate event etc. Skylark Aerial Photography also specialise in activity aerial photography and video, capturing activities such as mountain biking, mountain climbing, hiking and sailing. If you are a boat owner, why not hire Skylark Aerial Photography to take images of your craft on the water? You'll find their rates are very reasonable.

Skylark Aerial Photography Bowness 

Tel. 07548 023409 or email  info(at)

Skylark Aerial Photography - Approved by the CAA

Skylark Aerial Photography are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate small, unmanned aerial aircraft commercially within the UK. The aerial photographers hold a valid CAA Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence, allowing operation at or near airports. Their pilots are fully qualified to the industry standard and have gained the CAA Permission for Aerial Work (PFAW) certificate and have been trained by CAA approved Rheinmetall Unmanned Systems Training Academy (RUSTA).

Skylark Aerial Photography

Skylark Aerial Photography - Drones and Gyroplanes

The drone operated by Skylark Aerial Photography takes high definition photography and video and can be flown up to a maximum of 400 feet and up to 500 metres in line-of-sight. If required the camera can be used to track moving objects, such as mountain bikes, runners or animals. The drone can also be pre-programmed to carry out automated surveys, inspections or wildlife counts. Should you require aerial photographs or surveys taken from a higher altitude than 400 feet or need to cover a larger area, then Cumbria Gyroplanes, Skylark's partner, will be able to assist. Skylark Aerial Photography often work with Cumbria Gyroplanes where high level and low level photography are required. 

Skylark Aerial Photography

Skylark Aerial Photography

Tel. 01539 727707  Mob. 07548 023409  info(at)  Facebook

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