Cumbria Waste Group

Cumbria Waste Group

Address: Wavell Drive
Town: Carlisle
County: Cumbria
Postcode: CA1 2ST
Telephone: 0845 241 3333
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Cumbria Waste Group is the largest provider of tailored waste processing services in Cumbria, with recycling facilities for aggregates, wood and green waste and serving Carlisle, Penrith, Kendal, Workington and the Lake District, as well as the Scottish Borders.

Cumbria Waste Group

Cumbria Waste Group - Wheelie Bins & Sacks

Cumbria Waste Group offers a range of different sized wheelie bins to reflect the amount of waste that you produce and the space available. Along with a reliable and prompt collection service, it means you can rest safe in the knowledge that Cumbria Waste Group will manage your waste in a safe and compliant manner with no disruption to your business. Key service features are:

  • Dedicated local account manager
  • Flexible weekly collection to suit your needs
  • Lockable bins available for security
  • Fully compliant audit trail
  • Monthly recycling figures provided

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Cumbria Waste Group - Skip Hire

Whether you need a small skip for a home clearance, or are a business that requires something larger to dispose of commercial or industrial waste, Cumbria Waste Group has a solution to suit every need.

Given the close proximity of their recycling and processing facilities, the Carlisle-based waste services provider is able to keep vehicle movements to a minimum, thereby lowering the carbon footprint and ensuring your waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner. Key service benefits are:

  • Full range of skips, including enclosed lockable skips, from 4-yard to 40-yard capacity
  • Next day service
  • All types of waste handled
  • Fully compliant audit trail
  • High recycling rates achieved for customers

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Cumbria Waste Group - Recycling Collections

Cumbria Waste Group offer their customers the opportunity to recycle glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and cans in a range of containers that best suit their business requirements, processes and budgets. Their dry mixed recycling service allows you to put all these items, except glass, into one container, which frees up space and means you don't need to spend valuable time sorting the materials yourself as Cumbria Waste Group will do it for you.

This service can greatly increase your waste recycling rates whilst reducing costs by not sending waste to landfill, and the Carlisle-based waste services provider may even be able to provide you with an income from the waste you generate. Key service benefits are:

  • Bespoke waste solutions
  • Dedicated local account manager
  • Waste rebates available
  • Fully compliant audit trail

Cumbria Waste Group Recycling

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Cumbria Waste Group - Commercial and Industrial

Every business has a duty to dispose of waste in a professional, compliant and environmentally sound manner and Cumbria Waste Group are committed to ensure that as much of your waste as possible is diverted from landfill to recycling. This means your waste costs are reduced at the same time as improving your environmental performance.

This is achieved by Cumbria Waste Group's investment in state-of-the-art recycling facilities and a comprehensive transport fleet. A full range of containers are available to reflect the amount of waste you produce, and the space you have, ranging from wheelie bins to very large skip containers.

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Cumbria Waste Group

Wavell Drive, Carlisle, CA1 2ST Tel. 0845 241 3333  Facebook  Twitter

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Waste Collection and Processing and Skip Hire in Cumbria - Lake District Business Guide

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