The market town of Kendal is affectionately known as the Gateway to the Lakes as it’s situated in close proximity to the Lake District National Park on the River Kent. In fact it's just 6 miles from the M6 motorway, 9 miles from Windermere and not far from the sea, which makes Kendal the ideal tourist location.

kendal_town_hallKendal known as the Auld Grey Town boasts considerable heritage with two castles, two museums and numerous historical buildings, churches and bridges. And we haven't even mentioned Kendal Mint Cake, the renowned Everest conquering energy bars! Kendal is also home to a fine selection of shopping arcades, restaurants and public houses.

In March 2013 Kendal was named the second best place to live in Britain in a Sunday Times poll. The town of almost 28,000 was praised for its enviable location with scenic surrounds, superlative shopping, low crime and community spirit with vibrant activities and events. Kendal was also praised two years later by the newspaper who commented on the town's range of festivals and close proximity to the M6 as additional reasons for residing there.

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